Ecobo is a brand of gardening products committed to sustainability, quality and design that captures the essence of its Brazilian origins while appealing to the American market. Ecobo imports original Brazilian plant pots designs, infusing them with a colorful visual identity that embodies the joy and diversity of Brazil.

The rounded shapes, inspired by the form of plant seeds, serve as key assets within the visual identity. They not only add an organic and natural feel to the brand, but they also create a strong visual impact, making the Ecobo products easily recognizable and memorable to customers.

Keywords: brazilian / organic / nature / botanic / colorful / rounded / sustainability / design / craft / handmade / joy / exotic / eco-friendly /  artisanal / pieces of art / innovative

Client: Ecobo
Country: United States of America
Graphic designer: Mirela Melo
Motion designer: Jorge Amorim
Copy: Ásbel Torres
Illustration: Thiago Limón

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